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Greg from WD Explored looks after lots of websites for local small businesses keeping them safe and secure. See the main site at WD Explored for more details


What WD Explored Do?

Web Design

WD Explored can give you anything from a basic 1 page site to complement your Facebook business to a full custom website.

Care Plans

WD Explored monitor, maintain and backup our care plan client websites we also offer full reporting of all the maintenance task carried out.

SEO Optimization

Offering different Search Engine Optimisation packages to suit budget and growth WD Explored have something for all companies


WD Explored offer support for all websites and provide a Website Owners Manual containing details information on any site we interact with.

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Selected Works

Website Design and Maintenance

Design and UX of LH1 Bookkeeping website

I undertook a complete setup as Lindsey moved from a Facebook page to her own website.
Website Design

Custom website for Nicola Jackson Photography

Nicola came to me for a custom website after being recommended from a previous client.

Web development for Brave brand

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Local SEO for Court Solutions South East

Richard wanted more local customers, Our local SEO package has really helped with enquiries

Trusted by Great Companies:

What Clients Say About Us

Lindsey Hawkes

Getting my first website was a lot to decide, Greg made the process easy and kept everything in plain English.
Three Counties Lodge

Lodge Master

Having to learn how to update our lodge site was not something we could do, so we were happy to leave it with Greg

Yamaha Toshinobu

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